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Trucker Daddies 2
TRUCKSTOP DADDY !           Order It Here!
These hard drivin' studs need a break from the constant grind of the road. Their stop of choice is a Truckstop where the food is just alright, but the action is 4 star! DVD bonus features Paul Madison and Lance Whitman too! Take a look...a helluva lot goes on at the Truck Stop...and it's not all about a rest stop!

Starring: Andrew Addams , Jason Berringer , David Bronson , Buster , Wade Garrett , Steve Hurley , Billy Knight , Paul Madison , Eric Masterson , Joe Raven , Mack Rollins , Lance Whitman

Trucker Daddies 2
TRUCKSTOP DADDY 2!           Order It Here!
If you're a Truckstop Daddy loving kind of guy then you know nothing gets you harder than cruising down the freeway and driving past a truckstop filled with hot horny truckers. Except maybe stopping for some truckstop daddy action! In Catalina Video's Truckstop Daddy 2, the action doesn't take a back seat with super hot cover star Arpad Miklos at the wheel. Sit back while he takes you for a ride on his rig.

Starring: Cliff Andrews, Damien, Bo Knight, Scott Mann, Arpad Miklos, Chip Noll, Tony Serrano, Jack VanDean, Eric York

Trucker Fuckers
TRUCKER FUCKERS!                 Order it HERE!
Have you ever dreamed about hooking up with a truck driver at a rest stop or truck stop? Or better yet, ever fantasized about being picked up by not one but two hot truck drivers and then raped across the good ole US of A? Well, that happens in Trucker Fuckers! New DVD!

Starring: Angel, Mitch Banning, Jay Benjamin, Steve Hurley, A.J. Sparks

TRUCKER!                              Order it HERE!
Experience the rough and rugged love of bear daddies & truckers. Big dicks and muscular bodies revved-up for all-male lust in this fur-filled fuck flick. The best male-on-male gay trucker action ever.

Starring: Carlo Cox, Joe Foster, Jason Land, Greg McCord, Tony Mecelli, Filippo Romano, Rob Romoni, Chris Steele, Ross Taylor, Arik Travis

Muscle Bear Truck Stop!             Order it HERE!
lake completes his decent into the greased-up underworld of Muscle Bears and leaves Mick on the west-bound road to pain. When Blake's lust overheats with big-muscle truckers, gears grind and criminal passions collide. Mick confronts his fatal attraction, and he and Blake pay the price!

Starring: Shane Alexander , Cole Brookes , Tim Kelly , Todd Maxwell , Arpad Miklos , Blake Nolan , Mick Powers , Kodi Ramm , Jeremy Steele , Ross Taylor

Kansas City Trucking Co.
Kansas City Trucking Co.!     Order It Here! |
Break him with nine! Hard-driving truckers and even harder-driving sex come your way in Joe Gage's classic tale of working men and their lovers! In this pre-condom classic, our hero is looking for love but instead finds toilet sex in truck stops across the USA West. The first of Joe Gage's celebrated "road trilogy".

Starring: Steve Boyd, Richard Locke, many, Duff Paxton, Kurt Williams, Jack Wrangler
Truck Stop Muscle!
Truck Stop Muscle!             Order It Here!
To these trucker daddies--it's anything BUT a rest stop...but a lot of rejuvination's goin' on! Truck Stop Muscle oozes with cum that spurts and flies all over the movie’s triple daisy chain fuck and hot double-penetration scene. These horny truckers drive their hot rigs in every hole they can.

Starring: Ivan Andros , Jeff Brooks , Brad Buff , Marck Cirriano , Kid Cock , Trent Cougar , Damien , Jason Davis , Marco Paris , Cole Parker

Brazilian Hot Truckers
Brazilian Hot Truckers!             Order It Here!
Brazilan Hot Truckers features beefy Brazilian men going at it with one another around gravel pits, construction sites, motorcycles and bathrooms. Marcello Cabral is a trucker who drives a heavily loaded truck of construction materials. He gets pulled over by policeman, Alexandre Senna, who lets the burly driver off as long as he first helps him get off. Marcello tops Alexandre in a secluded spot on a handy blanket laid out next to the truck cab.

Starring: Marcello Cabral, Alexandre Senna, Reynaldo Costa, Eduardo Galisteau, Marcio Rosa, Lucas Rezende, Beto Ribeiro, Gilson Cury Director: Julio Kadetti

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